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We have USCCA and NRA certified instructors. Education is the key to the safe use of firearms. We are constantly training to bring you the best education possible. We have over thirty years experience with firearms. We still train for you.




Here at KMB Firearms Training all equipment is included in the price of all courses and comes with the use of our firearms and ammunition. We also provide FREE eye and ear protection and is yours to keep.


Our Motto

Safety is our number one goal. Also, prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

NRA Courses


Gun Saftey Seminar

We offer an NRA gun safety seminar. This seminar is for a person that has never used a firearm before. This course will cover what you need to know be able to go to the range and have a safe enjoyable time. No range time included. Available for anyone 12 years old and up.


Basics Of Pistol Shooting

This course will go over the fundamentals of pistol knowledge and shooting. Pistol terminology, malfunctions, grip, stance, sight picture, sight alignment, trigger squeeze and follow through. This course is approximately 6+ hours and includes range time.  


Basics Of Rifle Shooting

This course will go over the fundamentals of rifle knowledge and shooting. Rifle terminology, malfunctions, grip, stance, sight picture, sight alignment, trigger squeeze and follow through. This course is approximately 6+ hours and includes range time.   


Refuse To Be A Victim


A safety program designed to provide men and women with a nationally recognized crime prevention and personal information that assists in the development of their own personal safety strategies devoted to primarily non lethal protection. No range time is included in this course.

USCCA Courses


Concealed Carry Certification


KMB offers two different courses. The basic course covers the state requirements and is 2 hours long plus range time. The second option is the USCCA course. It covers all the basic concealed course does and also includes personal and home protection, firearm safety, the use of deadly force and more. This course runs for a minimum of 4 hours plus range time.


USCCA Home Defense and Basic Handgun courses


During the home defense course you will learn about the AR and shotgun platforms for their role in home protection. Also discussed is handgun basics and ammunition types. The Basic Handgun course is just that. It will cover gun safety, grip, stance and a lot more. Each of these courses run two and a half hours and include range time.


Countering The Mass Shooter Threat


A comprehensive course for every school, house of worship and family in America. This course talks about the facts of previous mass shootings and how to help prevent future ones using situational awareness and the tools around you to prevent or stop a threat. This course is presented as a seminar. No range time.

The Original Hangman® Secure Storage Systems


The Original Hangman® Secure Storage Systems

 Keep your sensitive items nearby in an easy to access, concealed and locked environment.  The patented Original Hangman® family of storage systems allows you to store items that you don’t want to leave out in the open, such as guns, cash, medicines, jewelry, documents, electronics and personal items.  Each Original Hangman® storage system comes with a keyed lock to prevent unwanted access, and is engineered to both hang from and lock to a closet clothes rod and be concealed among your clothes.  This triple level of security in an easy to access location provides you peace of mind that your valuables and sensitive items won’t fall into the wrong hands. Order yours today, and sleep better tonight. 


Dorm life and shared housing especially creates a challenge for students with unsecure personal space and limited ways to secure valuable items. The Original Hangman® provides a discrete and cost efficient way to keep items safe and with the patented Cable Lock System, it can be secured anywhere!


 The Original Hangman® is a great gift idea and provides real safety and security of valuable and personal items for the college dorm, apartment, home and traveling.

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Youth firearms training also available upon request.








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With parents consent and waiver forms.

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Prices on lessons vary depending on group size, location and firearms & ammunition. Please contact us for more information.


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